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Bluebird, snow, winter berries on branch.
Providing More Winter Berries for the Birds

As winter settles in, gardeners enjoy snack-filled evenings by a cozy fire, but birds must look far and wide for food until spring.

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wild white poppies
Flower Arranging Guidlines

Like all other art forms, flower arranging is guided by the principles of design.

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Agave plant next to house in desert.
About Agave

This amazing plant is a native of our area, the Gulf of California, and some western parts of the Caribbean.

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Chrysanthemum Culture

For those of us who, in the fall of the year, are thrilled with the beauty of the chrysanthemum,

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Japanese Iris
Japanese Irises for Color

In the blossom of many Japanese irises, all six petals flare straight outwards to give the flower the shape of a dinner plate,

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To Lovers of Garlic

Garlic is for those who like it. It's not a cultivated taste—you either like it or you don't.

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Six Ways to Change Your Gardening Life

Author Mary James

Does your garden need to lose “weight?” Is it consuming too much of everything from water to chemicals, while producing too much waste? Do you want to get more out of limited space, including food you can eat? Here are some resolutions designed to trim down and shape up gardens, with a goal of sustainability.